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Oh wait, it's a doorbell camera! Not another one! Ok, ok calm down, it's only a camera. Whoever said life is a camera, was having a premonition of magnitudial proportions.

Paranoia prevails. Alright, stand still. Don't look around, you'll create suspicion! No nose picking. Don't touch anything! I want to straighten the door decoration like I used to do. I won't! Oh, no! How's my hair look? I brushed my teeth today. I don't have a mirror! What if there's food? I forgot to iron this! My hair must be a mess. The camera makes me look so fat!


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    Neville Hunt about 3 years ago

    Haha! Very funny ... and so true too. It remind me of Mary Poppins, or rather the children's’ father standing outside the doors to the bank’s board room shining his shoes one by one on the back of his calves. I’ve done that too!

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