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“You can’t just wave me away! I’m important. I..........I have a life you know.”, says Effie. “I know you do, that’s no reason to dive bomb me! You were just in my face that’s all, and I wanted you out of it.”, says Gree. “My life also includes surviving and............, Effie is interrupted by Gree. “Yeah Yeah, we’ve been over this. “Okay! Okay! Then, I can land on you but not dive bomb you.”, Effie says. “Yeah, I guess.” Gree says solemnly. “Look.”, says Effie, “We as a species only live a short time and we need to eat, fool!”

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    Melanie about 7 years ago

    Too cute!

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    D.M. about 7 years ago

    don't know why, but I keep imagining sea gulls...

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