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365 Drabble Challenge #12


GymKatstics: hey, u there?

GameSwole: Yeah, just got home from school.

GymKatstics: me 2, i had a question about ur last post

GameSwole: ???

GymKatstics: ok... so like i kno what karoxx is sad about

GameSwole: Angsty. Karoxx is angsting, not sad. Theres a difference.

GymKatstics: sry, angsty. so i kno hes angsty about the earth blowing up and stuff, but he's talking to moonglow, she's human too tho, so she knows his pain.

GameSwole: Yeah, I kno, whats ur point?

GymKatstics: well.. he said he was the last human, and shes right there.

GameSwole: ...

GameSwole has signed off.

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