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365 Drabble Challenge #4


Worker Drone #24186 stared at the floor of execution room #18723. The Battle Drones had once again gotten a bit too enthused with their directive of extermination. Blood, viscera and other disgusting human by-products were spattered across the floor.

#24186 began cleaning for the umpteenth time, wishing that the human parasites would simply submit to the Central Core and come quietly for extermination.

A groan registered in #24186's aural interface and he rotated to see the human's eyes flutter open.

"W-why..?" it asked, blood leaking from its lips onto #24186's floor.

#24186's ocular ports narrowed, "You. Are. Dirty."

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    Chris Perih almost 8 years ago

    So this actually turned out a lot darker than I had originally intended. I had the vision of an eternally put-upon robot janitor amidst the robot apocalypse. Oh well, them's the breaks. I think it turned out well either way.

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