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Dragons live so long that baby dragons are few and far between.

It was a time of celebration now, because there was a birth: the first in three centuries. Few other dragons knew how to rear a baby, and when the bewildered mother asked for help, they drifted back to their isolated homes, murmuring, ‘Instinct will provide…’

Instinct did take care of the basics, and the baby thrived. She spied on humans living nearby, fascinated by their short, intensely busy lives.

She couldn’t see the point of many of their actions: but music... music made all the difference to her.

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    Alex Munro over 6 years ago

    Charming. I really enjoyed this piece.

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    Liz Milne over 6 years ago

    Thanks, Alex :) I'm getting quite attached to the little dragon world that is brewing up in my imagination!

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