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The dragon sleeps, and that is good. If the dragon were awake, he would soon become angry. Why angry, you ask? Well, dragons are psychic, you see, and they are very judgemental about the thoughts they overhear. And they can hear ALL your thoughts.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, they don’t care about people being nice. No, what they care about is honesty. They will get right behind the idea of bumping off your cheating spouse, especially if said cuckolding spouse denies it or tries to justify it.

Something for you to bear in mind: the dragon sleeps.

For now.

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    Iarwain Olofsson over 6 years ago

    What a dangerous creature.
    Not only for the cheating spouse.
    I believe it's been the scarcity of virgins, that made the dragon switch favourite foods.

    Very nice.

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    D.M. over 6 years ago

    time to hide those thoughts behind a steel door! Good drabble!

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    Liz Milne over 6 years ago

    :) *evil grin

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