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Magic is real. But it has rules, rules that must be strictly adhered to, and the penalty for abuse is soul-death.

Jack stumbled into the secret one night when he was high on a mixture of Jimson weed and marijuana that should have been fatal. Luck favoured him, however, and he escaped with the power of mind-reading and weak telekinesis.

Always one to make the most of everything he soon found a way to capitalise on these gifts, making a fortune out of sexually frustrated older ladies and careless casinos.

People liked him, but they didn’t know Jack.

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    Chris Walker almost 7 years ago

    Good story. I get the feeling there could be more to come...? :-)

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    Liz Milne almost 7 years ago

    Thanks Chris! Yes, I think there might be more to Jack - perhaps in a longer story! :) (It was a funny little drabble, I started with the last line and it just grew from there!)

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    Jim M over 6 years ago

    Ha ha, great drabble- very well constructed

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    Liz Milne over 6 years ago

    thanks Jim :)

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