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One minute. Sixty seconds.
That's a brief period of time— short, fleeting.
But a lot can happen in sixty seconds.
You can stare at the mirror and look, really look at yourself and wonder;
For what reason do I wake up every morning?
You can stumble on an old memory and fondly reminisce.
You can learn many things— how despairingly cruel, yet stunningly beautiful the world can be.
You can lose, triumph, fall in love.
In the span of sixty seconds, you can find yourself in your deathbed and ask;
Why did I do it?
Why didn't I do it?

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    Drew Martyn almost 4 years ago

    The eternal dichotomy, why did, why didn't! Extremely well conveyed Jade, I liked this a lot, even better on 2nd and 3rd readings...

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    Jade Falca almost 4 years ago

    Really, thank you for your encouraging comments. It really helps me write, knowing someone would appreciate it. ( *´︶`*)

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