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I am overcome by this strange sense of indifference and detachment, as though I am submerged in murky water...
Everything I do or say feels far off...
Anything I do or say feels surreal.

It all seems strange to me
Why are they smiling?
Why are they laughing?
They all look as if they are sincerely enjoying it.

Why is she crying?
Why is she looking at me with those desperate eyes?

Why do I feel nothing?

I don't understand...
I don't understand at all.

This empty feeling inside me,
Like a bottomless pit...

Is this what you call apathy?

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    Isaac Grant over 4 years ago

    You always write with such a good sense of emotion that makes me want to keep reading. Pleas continue to write with feeling and fervor!

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    Jade Falca over 4 years ago

    Thank you for your encouraging comments :3
    I'll try to keep it up ^^

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