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She walked among the crowds, her violin case slung over her back.
She watched each stranger as they passed her by; some were serious, others were carefree; some were cheerful, others were dejected; some had that faraway look, and others were simply focused at the present.
She wondered, what expression did she have? Was it carefree? Serious?
She thought for a moment, facial expressions usually reflect one’s current mood or emotion.
What was she feeling? She wasn’t exactly cheerful at the moment, neither was she dejected.
She pondered, exploring different possibilities, and eventually coming to a conclusion…
She was empty.

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    Isaac Grant over 4 years ago

    huh. I think that I'm sleepy.

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    Nice drabble, Ive often felt like that. Thanks for sharing

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