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She waited. It was a busy hour, the restaurant was bustling with activity.
She waited. The hour had passed but she kept waiting.
She waited. Evening had fallen and the restaurant began cleaning up.
Then he came. He burst through the glass doors, panting.
He walked towards her.
"I'm sorry."
She understood. Even so, she still smiled at him.
"Is that so?"
It was something she had expected.
She left the restaurant, alone.
She kept walking even though she wanted to run. But if she did, then the tears would fall.
So she calmly took her steps, one by one.

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    Isaac Grant over 4 years ago

    wow very heartfelt. I hope you keep writing. :)

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    Jade Falca over 4 years ago

    Thank you (灬ºωº灬)
    I'll try :3

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    Drew Martyn over 4 years ago

    Welcome to drablr, Jade. Great debut, the repetition gives a great effect, and i love the sense of controlled emotion at the end. Very powerful.

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