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The lion rushes towards me.

“Hey, Leo,” I say.

“Hey, Neal.”

“Please, not the Rhino Neal joke again, or I’ll make jokes about zodiac signs.”

Savanna banter, eh?

The excruciating pain rips through me just before I hear the crack of the rifle. I crash to the ground, blood spurting from my shattered shoulder.

The poachers swarm round me, sawing at my horns. Another bullet would be merciful but I guess they’re scared of alerting the park rangers. As they disappear back into the bush, large birds circle above me. Please let me die before they peck out my eyeballs.

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    Jamie Clapperton about 3 years ago

    Starting it like a joke got it past my defences. Horrific , but of course it should be. Very good one sir .

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