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Ignore the unwinnable debates about economics, migrants and sovereignty because, in all these areas, there’re perfectly reasonable arguments which back up either the ‘in’ or ‘out’ points of view. Instead, let’s examine some irrefutable facts which will show why leaving the EU is the only option.
Romania is a member of the EU. Fact.

Transylvania is part of Romania. Fact.

Vampires come from Transylvania so they’re EU citizens. Fact.

All EU citizens have the right to free movement within the EU. Fact.

We must get out before the vampires arrive… although if we leave, garlic will probably be more expensive.

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    shaun over 6 years ago

    Hello Ken. This is just too good to stagnate back here in the 'days without any recognition' section of Drabbledom.

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    Ken Magee over 6 years ago

    Hi Shaun, thanks for the comment. My writing seems to enjoy stagnating... I think it's frightened of the limelight!

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