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She said she hated him. She said she would break his arms. Then she said she would break his legs. After that, she said she'd scream abuse at him and then she would kill him. Then she said she would have a glass of wine and toast his demise.

The claw hammer swished almost silently through the air and caught her with a sickening, bone-crushing blow on the nose. Her whole face exploded in a starburst of blood spatter; pasting the wall with a gory, dripping pattern of steaming brains.

"Show, don’t tell," he whispered into the corpse's ear.

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    Horrorshow about 7 years ago

    Welcome written, Ken.

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    Bryan Thomas about 7 years ago

    Great stuff!

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    shaun over 5 years ago

    I could just wallow in these all day. So good.

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