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I didn’t think it was important at the time. A little salt or soya sauce for seasoning. Some vinegar to tenderize the meat a bit, some sugar or syrup to balance the acidity of the overall dish.

All I remember was the steam rising from under the pot’s lid and thinking about the smell of cooking pork. Not my favourite smell.

I was glad I got the kitchen dioderiser but always agonized over whether it was appropriate to use while in the middle of cooking.

Walking into the dining area with a tray of Margaritas for my mollusk dinner guests.

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    Jim M almost 6 years ago

    Brilliant drabble, I hope the mollusks are Cultists. I really appreciate the diffident, routine approach to something so macabre. Brilliant!

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    Kate over 5 years ago

    Thanks for that Jim! Lol I believe there would be no better dinner guests than cultist molluscs with a cynical attitude to be sure! hahahahahah

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