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I'm so sorry, dear.

They say, "People look in the heart, rather than the face”. White, normal height, slim weight, long hair, good eyes, perfect nose - beautiful. They say, "Silence speaks louder than words". Loud, social, noisy, fake - leaders. They say, "Your emotions are valid". Famous and socially acknowledged, and sad for a day - bipolar. The basic rules.

I have lost all faith in humanity. But that isn't the real reason I'm sorry.

It's because I promised we would fight. The two of us versus the rule. Versus this unjust society. We would become rebels.

I failed you. I'm sorry.

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    Alex over 8 years ago

    Dammit Elley. You're so full of shit. Stop telling me you're not good at writing. You are. Seriously. End these electrons, girl. -Erin here.

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    Ellizabette Schmidt over 8 years ago

    And you say you're not a good writer?? I can always relate. ALWAYS :)

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