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“Ian, I am sick of being married to you.”


“You are sports mad.”

“No. I’m a sports fan.“

“You spend all your free time watching and playing sports instead of being a good husband and parent to your three kids, Adidas, Nike and Air Jordan.”

“A bloke’s got to have a hobby, Michelle.”

“Gardening is a hobby. Watching sports at four in the morning is an obsession. You never talk about anything else. Remember the Olympic Games, Ian? I did not see you for a month. I want a divorce.”

“Wait!” he said. “This is something we must discus.”

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    Drew Martyn over 5 years ago

    Awesome. Hilariously awesome :)

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    Richard Charles Davidson over 5 years ago

    Not seeing her rationalization, here! :)

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    D.M. over 5 years ago

    Too funny! 'Love the names of the kids!

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    Brandon Sutton over 5 years ago

    I am javelin some thoughts, but cannot pitcher a funnier dribble then this won. :)

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    John Moralee over 5 years ago

    I appreciate the comments. Thanks!

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