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Their screams for help probably lasted for hours in the darkness before dawn. At first light I saw the bodies in the icy water, silent, still. No survivors had reached the shore where I stood beside my young son, staring out at the broken ship, which had split apart on the hidden rocks just under the surface, becoming flotsam and jetsam during the storm. The boy was crying as he looked at the sea.

“Dad, are they all dead?”


“What can we do?”

“Nothing.” I turned towards the lighthouse and sighed. “I knew I should have changed the bulb.”

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    Frenchie about 5 years ago

    What a sloppy keeper. That made a brilliant, thank you for the smile :D

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    Drew Martyn about 5 years ago

    Cheers John, love it :)

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    Neil Murton about 5 years ago

    That made me feel guilty for laughing. Nice work!

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    John Moralee about 5 years ago

    Thanks for the comments!

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    Tony Spencer about 5 years ago

    Great Drabble.

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    D.M. about 5 years ago

    not what I expected!

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