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Inspired by Lovecraft...

Great Cthulhu slept, dreaming

Dreaming of a time when he would rule again. Dreaming of the worship and madness that would be his once more. Dreaming of his bold, new, terrifying reign.

But then the doorbell rang. And the dreams stopped. And Cthulhu woke.

He shalumphed to his door, gritting his tentacles in annoyance. Cthulhu wasn’t a morning person.

“Trick or Treat!”

A ghost, a pirate and a ballerina. Cthulhu looked into their souls and gave them fear and nightmares and despair. And Almond Joy.

And then he returned to bed, to dream of destroying the world.

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    John Weagly over 5 years ago

    From my collection of squidly stories TEN TENTACLES - available at Amazon.

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    Jim M over 5 years ago

    Ha ha, brilliant! 'shalumphed' is a great word! Also, I think it's awesome that you've made this humorous without mocking or lampooning Him.

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    Horrorshow over 5 years ago

    Forgive me for being rude / honest, John but I really dislike this drabble. I'm a *huge* fan of Lovecraft's writing and this is a very trite little parody. I'm sincerely sure that you're an excellent writer with many notable accomplishments and I'd genuinely love for you to contribute more to this community than by offering this vapid piece of writing or shilling your book. Perhaps you'll tell me to lighten up but this is not HPL's vision of Cthulhu or Cosmic Horror.

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    John Weagly over 5 years ago

    Thank you both for your comments - nice to see a positive and a negative (I'm always afraid sites like this are nothing more than mutual-admiration clubs). Criticism is important!

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