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"Base sexual needs as modified by artificial intellect drove the second digital revolution by syncing technology behaviours and human behaviours. It’s why the Veet always knows what song you want to hear, what pictures or Toob to show you.

It wasn’t long before we noticed that Romeo chipped devices had identified toasters as their ultimate sexual rival; sometimes even a crisp golden crust would turn them off for days.

Romeo chips have a long and jealous memory and we really can’t do without
Romeo tech now, so we just stopped toasting things.

And that’s why your crumpets taste bouncy kids."

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    Alex Munro over 6 years ago

    Interesting concept, however, I'm not sure I'd trust my Romeo driven lovebot over my toaster.

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    Neville Hunt over 6 years ago

    Where I come from, bouncy crumpets are what the young boys dream about. (Sorry if that's non-PC!). And with a name like Romeo, from what I've read, it sounds like that technology will ultimately self-destruct?

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