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The tavern formerly named The Charnel House was now just Char, courtesy of the heat inflicted upon the sign. This amused me so muchly that I ducked thru the crumbling doorhole, wings folded.

The owner husk and his family husks were where I'd left them, kneeling in a circle of prayer and forever fused at the hands.

As I began to get very drunk one of the corpses hissed at me

“Asa-Linh, Son of Vermin, what have you done?”

Giddily I replied, “I now largely set fires for my amusement”

Slyly, shyly, dryly, he smiled a smile of rigor.

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    D.M. over 6 years ago

    How two words transform the story-'wings folded.' 'Love that. 'Wasn't expecting that so early on.

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