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They’re everywhere. Standing, sitting. Those without legs are propped against walls. They gape at me with hollowed eyes, they bleed at me with haunted outstretched fingers.

Sometimes I need to scream at them but I can’t, because they’re not really there. There is my guilt, years of repression and nothing else.

Once I thought someone else saw them but he turned out to just be a crazy person.

I know if I can find a white light strong enough to bleach them I’ll be at peace, cleansed. But I'd question if that works anymore.

Great things are never forgotten.

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    Jim M almost 8 years ago

    Very kind of you Doc, thank you

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    D.M. almost 8 years ago

    Where would we be without guilt and repression... good one!

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    Neil Murton almost 8 years ago

    Interesting take on guilt. Makes you wonder just what caused it. Nice work :)

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