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These would all be great band names

Pimpfarm Deadline
What Hypothalamus What
Parcel Hardy and the Mechanised Dandelion
Pieces of Great
Hamish’s Imaginary Coleslaw Sandwich
OMG... Fluntnuncker
The Passive The Vandalised
Humble Bungle and the Pleasantry Squadron
Friars of Sausagetown
Quim Falcon
Elevated Blood/Awesome levels
Apologiser Core
Cookie shouldn’t be the Gunner, it’s confusing
Unformed Sword Appendage
Johnny Harvest Made Me Blind
Bling Bling, No Gold?
Paralysed Arm Muscles
Dr. Persuadenator
Smackathalon: One Man’s Journey
Frampel! Hoy!
Prior to Chaos, John was King
Mouse Dangler and the Swinging Cats
Middle part of the fraction (/)
Fungus Plunger

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    Horrorshow over 5 years ago

    My three favourites in reserve order - Jazzmangoes, Parcel Hardy and the Mechanised Dandelion, NOISETUBES.

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    Jonathan Royan over 5 years ago

    Pieces of Great, is my favourite.
    Closely followed by Quim falcon and fungus plunger.

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    Johnny Wishbone over 5 years ago

    What? Jonathan - you cannot be serious? How can you deny the 'Friars of Sausagetown' its rightful place at the head of the table.

    'Ladies and gentleman, I give you....literally the most heart-stopping band in the world. Rattle your cutlery for....................the Friars of Sausagetown.'

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    Amphituber over 5 years ago

    NOISETUBES and Apologiser Core all the way.

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