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I’m small. I know that. Do I care? Well, I did at first. It makes you feel inferior in most situations. But there are perks to being so slightly built. I can squeeze into gaps that most of you would never even contemplate getting into. I can find a seat on the Tube while you lot are being jostled about, sniffing each other’s armpits. And the best thing is that, if you piss me off, I can crap in your food without you even realising. Plus, how many of you can say that Jeff Goldblum played you in a film?

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    Frenchie almost 7 years ago

    Brilliant. I'll make sure I cover my sandwich when I leave my desk LOL....

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    Rick Haynes almost 7 years ago

    Nice ending Jonathan. When's the 'fly on the wall' follow up coming?

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    Bryan Thomas almost 7 years ago


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