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She sits alone on the leather sofa, idly flicking through a magazine. In one hand is a cup of coffee, almost cold. She throws the last dregs back and scrunches up her face as she swallows. She puts the cup down and carries on reading. Twice over the next ten minutes, she crosses and uncrosses her legs. Once, she pushes a strand of hair away from her eyes. Then she closes the magazine, drops it on the table and walks off with her empty cup. Outside, a gloved hand presses 'end video recording' and slips the camera into a pocket.

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    Kath Middleton over 9 years ago

    Oh, sinister. :-)

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    Michael Cook over 9 years ago

    feels like there should be more...where's part 2 :)

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    Kimberly over 9 years ago

    I like......

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