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Rust #5


Both porkwagon doors were opening! Interfering filth! He’d snap their necks, smash their heads together repeatedly until there was no flesh left, rip… He was running.. and wondered why.
Then realised: Tasers!
And congratulated himself on always following his instincts.
Through gardens.
He could run forever, could Crusher.
Fast, too.
Outrun any plod, any day of the week. Knew this area better’n anyone. Through the supermarket carpark. Past the used car lot. Past the glitzy showroom. No sound of pursuit. Into the scrapyard. Dead cars. Beautiful.
Genius, me, he muttered, clambering into the boot of a ‘65 Grey Cortina.

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    Peter Henderson 2 months ago

    Hehe...neat.....I'll pay it.

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    Drew Martyn 2 months ago

    Haha cheers Peter

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    Neville Hunt 2 months ago

    Uh-oh!🤭 Think I might know where this is going. I foresee a sub-compact version of Crusher, extremely sub-compact! As ye sow so shall ye reap.

    As I recall, the 65 Cortina had a pretty roomy boot (trunk US). I wonder for how long though...

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    Christopher 2 months ago

    I just looked the car up to see what it looked like. We didn't have those here, except they said the first couple of model years were available to Ford dealers here. The article also said that was the #1 selling UK car of the 1970s.

    Sorry for the unsolicited facts, but I actually learned something because of this drabble as a result of just looking up the car.

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    Drew Martyn 2 months ago

    Ha, thanks guys. I must be honest, I have no knowledge of cars whatsoever - other than what I've looked up on the net - plus a friend of the family had a Cortina when I was a kid, so it may have come from that. Oh, and Tom Robinson Band sang about a grey Cortina ;)

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