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Rust #4


He reached the far end of his street just after midnight. Sure enough, a marked car dozed in the shade between two street lights. He resisted the urge to walk to it and punch a dent in the roof. If there were two rozzers inside, he’d grind their ugly skulls into the road. More than two might be problematic. Grind them faceless, the bastards, then wire the car and drive over them again and again.
And then, suddenly, he was walking purposefully towards the car. Shit, he’d forgotten himself. He’d allowed his fun to get the better of him again.

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    Neville Hunt 2 months ago

    You might think it’s the best effin getaway ever, but then you go and almost guarantee to get yourself nicked, Crusher. Not very bright then, are you? “What’s that, Crush, you’ll cut my face off? Sorry mate, I was only joshing!” 😢

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    Drew Martyn 2 months ago

    Lol, you're a brave man Neville :)

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