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in the semblance of small mornings
following that broken silence of the first bird's tentative call
i whisper your name

but if you sleep on
i don my impatience like a cloak and justify coaxing fears from eagerness
i don my fears like guilt and justify all my lacerations of self hatred

Aah, but if you wake?
your bedroom wombs me and my fluttering fears cease their crowing
and flee through windows opened in my heart
for if you wake you
spread your wings like sheets of Heaven and we are borne,
motionless and pure,
to share your vast serenities.

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    Christopher 9 months ago

    This is stunning, Drew. Sorry for being so late in reading this. Even though I worked from home even before this madness began things seem to have gotten a lot more hectic of late.

    Truly a terrific piece.

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