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The object.
Space: the nothing in between, that absence of the object, defines the object that it is not.
Light modifies the object. Darkness gives it purpose.
Light gives it a reality. Darkness gives it a threat.

The object within a room. The nothing defines boundaries; space cages the object, modifying it. Darkness no longer. The sole remaining remnant of dark is the threat.
Light cures its silence. Yet still the object makes no sound.

The object beside you. It does not move
Space reforms around it.
The object behind you waits in silence
and, mute, it feeds your fear.

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    shaun 4 months ago

    Love the menacing atmosphere of this piece.

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    Neville Hunt 4 months ago

    Agree with Shaun. Now I'm a bit scared walking room to room. The objects are ganging up on me. I object. It has certainly got me thinking (and a-fearing) Drew!

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    Christopher 4 months ago

    There's so much psychology to be explored in this drabble it's unreal.

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    Drew Martyn 4 months ago

    Cheers, guys, much appreciated, thank you :)

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