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Incident At Wainscotting Manor #54


Gibberish stared at Grimper, eyes full of tears.
“The coconut bonbon. It’s gone.”
Confused silence.
“His Lordship! Deceased…!”
And with that, Lord Grope snored suddenly and loudly, a noise not unlike the sound of a wildebeest farting underwater crossed with the roaring of a ferocious lion who’d just discovered that his favourite lioness had been two-timing him with a fieldmouse. This was followed by a slurred, sleepy “Don't gag, Desmond, and stop speaking with your mouth full!” before Lord Grope’s head jerked upwards, his eyes shot open and:
“What the fuck’s going on Grimper? Gibberish, get me a Scotch!”

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    Jamie Clapperton 12 months ago

    Brilliantly described snore-.))))))

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    Christopher 12 months ago

    Yeah, loved the fieldmouse line.

    Nice recap and back to the action. I thought Grope was a goner. Nice to see he's lived to grope another day (or another housemaid).

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    Drew Martyn 12 months ago

    Thanks guys. Yeh, I couldn't really get rid of Lord G after all.

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