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Incident At Wainscotting Manor #49


“Gone,” muttered Gibberish, his eyes never leaving the bowed, motionless head of Lord Grope.
“Gone...” repeated Lavinia tremulously. “Mr Grimper, when you say an inside job, you mean - “
“I mean,” Mr Grimper said authoritatively, “Someone in the Grope household has absconded with the contents of the safe!”
“Absconded?” Clearly Lavinia was having difficulty processing this new situation.
“I mean, Ms Ballsworthy, that someone’s run off with the readies. Bolted with the bullion, departed with the dough, absconded with the assets, disappeared with the dubloons, migrated with the money. To summarise, some furtive fucker’s feloniously fucked off with the funds.”

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