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Incident At Wainscotting Manor #45


No longer was Grimper just plain old, stooped, slightly tattered around the edges Grimper The Solicitor.
He was evolving.
Dynamic Arnthwaite Grimper!
A man of stature.
A user of logic.
An observer of clues.
A solver of riddles.
A piecer-together of facts.
In short, for short he still was despite the change that transformed him, he became Arnthwaite Grimper, Thinker, Doer, Investigator, Crime Solver, Bringer Of Order To An Otherwise Unruly World.
He took Lord Grope’s wrist and led him out of the bedroom, quietly shutting the door behind them.
He was now Respected Arnthwaite Grimper - Our Hero.

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    Drew Martyn over 1 year ago

    Bit of a shock to realise it's been nearly two weeks since I've been to Wainscotting. Time to rectify that! :)

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    Christopher over 1 year ago

    I didn't think it had been that long either.

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