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Necklace Guild #20


Such Memories!
As insubstantial as dreams, unreal yet powerful.
Such dreams!
Such nightmares!
Jayne held today’s necklaces close to her cheek as she recalled a different occasion: her father bursting into the room, vehemently scolding her mother for being foolish with the child.
"Child, when you have worked for such frippery you may then, perhaps, deserve it!” he had bellowed. “Until then… you DESERVE NOTHING!" And he dismissed his daughter with an unsmiling gesture, sending her to her room where she felt herself to be no more than a distraction, an unwanted burden to the world of grown up business.

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    Aishling 7 months ago

    Very well written and heartbreaking

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    Drew Martyn 7 months ago

    Thanks Aishling. glad you enjoyed it. About half way through the story now :)

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