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Necklace Guild #15


Priding themselves on meticulous planning, each one knew their duty to the letter. Afterwards, they recounted every single movement of the operation, searching for ways in which it could be improved and risks minimised. They developed a means of basic communication using hand signs, whistles and claps, so that their business was conducted wordlessly.
The proceeds of the robberies were not divided equally.
Jayne had no craving for money. Her desire began and ended with necklaces so while William and Lucy argued over who should have what, and divided their shares to their own satisfaction, all the necklaces were Jayne’s.

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    Drew Martyn 8 months ago

    Just a thought - I hope the current Earl/Duke of Northumberland isn't offended by my use of the name :)

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    Christopher 7 months ago

    Oh dear! I was unaware that was a real title.

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    Drew Martyn 7 months ago

    Lol so was I when I began this :)

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