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Samhain #3


The food was amazing, I never knew vegan food could taste so good. But then, I never bothered to find out. Caraway tea was tasty, too, as was caraway in warm cider.
She lit a candle at the window and we talked about Wicca and how Samhain was the most wonderful of the Sabbats and when the time came to leave I realised I'd told her all about myself and learned a lot about Wicca and nothing about her.
I left early, but we stood outside for an hour, just talking. When I left her she passed me an acorn.

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    Neville Hunt about 1 month ago

    From a little acorn something mighty might grow.

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    Frenchie about 1 month ago

    So, Drew was not dinner :-D be aware, she knows all about the dating techniques (i.e. let others talk about themselves but do not divulge anything about yourself).
    An acorn, eh? I can't think of the reason.

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    Drew Martyn about 1 month ago

    Acorns and witches - like fish and chips and pen and ink and...

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    Christopher 17 days ago

    He probably hoped that night would end with him handing her a nut (or two)!

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    Drew Martyn 16 days ago

    Haha bad boy!

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