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Hannah #3


Speak about the woman, I say.
Hannah ignores me, she's still memorying.
"This woman walks past. She's reading. It's about working in post-natal."
And Hannah saw the babies: "I saw nurses and all the electronic stuff. What I didn't see was the love and care, the nurturing, but though I couldn't see it all, I knew it was there, in the air, but invisible."
And somehow not seeing, just believing, became enough.
"Sometimes the thought really doesn't need words to keep it from drowning."
She pauses.
"See, she probably was Jesus," Hannah laughs happily. "She saved me, anyway."

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    Frenchie almost 2 years ago

    I am waiting for more. As I said, Hannah intrigues me. Who she is will be revealed much later, I guess... good Drabble series.

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    Drew Martyn almost 2 years ago

    Thanks Frenchie, now you've got me thinking! This was originally intended as just a 3 drabble story of a girl full of the insecurities and doubts of early 20s (ish), who is pushed somewhere close to the edge but a chance encounter pulls her back and lets her know that even if she cant see it, those intangible things still exist. But you're right, I really like her and want to find out what happens to her, so maybe I'll do a few more drabbles about her. :)

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