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The Bridge #4


"Why are you sad?" the boy asked.
"The bridge is crumbling," replied the monster.
The monster took the boys hands in its claws. "When you were younger you believed in ghosts and monsters. You called me with your mind and your belief created the bridge between your world and mine. That's how I'm able to come and play with you, over the bridge you made."
The boy had tears in his eyes. The monster continued:
"As you grow older, your belief weakens. That bridge crumbles. It's been crumbling for months, and now... now it could collapse entirely very soon."

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    Neville Hunt 8 months ago

    Sad... or what? Awww... keep believing Andrew (which is what I guess your mam called you)... p...leeease!

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    Jamie Clapperton 8 months ago

    This is lovely poignant stuff that invites the reader to re live part of their own childhood . Feel for the 'monster.'

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    Drew Martyn 8 months ago

    Thanks guys. Yeh, I always felt sorry for it when I was a kid. Still scared me, though :)

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