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The Bridge #3


So once upon a time, the time being blackest midnight, there was a small boy who was visited by a monster from another dimension. It crawled into his bedroom from out of the enormous Victorian wardrobe that shapeshifted at the foot of his bed.
That's how the story began. I'd read it earlier that day in some comic. The monster turned out to be a friendly monster and the boy looked forward to his visits. For a few years they had great fun playing together in the dark bedroom.
Until one night, when the boy realised the monster looked sad.

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    Neville Hunt 20 days ago

    Love the shapeshifting wardrobe! Oh dear, is a sad monster going to become a bad monster?

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    Drew Martyn 19 days ago

    Thanks Neville :)

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    Jamie Clapperton 16 days ago

    I had a shapeshifting pile of clothes on my chair.

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    Neville Hunt 16 days ago

    I still do, Jamie... it’s called being an untidy old git, apparently!

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    Drew Martyn 12 days ago

    Haha so that's what it is!

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