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The Bridge #1


Two eyes watched seven year old me in bedroom darkness. Grey eyes. Always there.
Every night. Staring at me.
Unmoving, unblinking.
I giggled.
They weren't eyes, of course, they were windows. A pair of bedroom windows, curtains closed to shut out the streetlight, but still light enough in the darkness of my room to remind me of a pair of eyes.
Surrounding them, the night: filling my bedroom with a fabric darkness that I could almost touch if I dared lift my arms from beneath the safety of my blankets.
But I never dared.
The consequences would be terrifying.

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    Drew Martyn 20 days ago

    A big thank you to Neville who was the catalyst to me finally getting this written down somewhere. Cheers mate :)

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    Neville Hunt 20 days ago

    You’re welcome Drew. And what a superbly constructed start. Can’t wait for the next... so I’ll read it now my packing’s done, because thankfully you’ve multi-posted today 👍

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    Christopher 19 days ago

    Fascinating already, Drew. I had a thing when I was a kid about keeping the covers pulled up under my chin and not letting any limbs get out from under the safety of those covers.

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    Drew Martyn 19 days ago

    Thank you folks - yes, Neville, I thought I'd get it all out here in one go :)

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    Jamie Clapperton 16 days ago

    This actually took me back to scary nights alone in my own childhood bedroom..It's doing it now . :)

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    Drew Martyn 12 days ago

    lol, sorry mate :)

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