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Second Sun #104


As the first rays of sun lit the topmost towers of Kamkarra flaming red, Triu led his warriors along the quayside road. Gulls wheeled voicelessly overhead, bystanders watched in silence, fears muted. The surging sea was the sole constant sound, though whether it sang of glory or of sorrow none could tell.
Triu threw one last longing look out over the waters, his brow furrowed.
"Perhaps next time, friend Sea, we shall go to battle together," he whispered as sunlight glinted off the incoming tide.
Then he turned abruptly and led his army from Kamkarra toward green fields of battle.

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    Neville Hunt 8 months ago

    You have built up the atmosphere brilliantly here Drew (and everywhere come to that). I feel that I’m there marching in a Fist and more than a little scared, but also proud of myself and my great leader. But I don’t think it’s going to be a mere game of soldiers! :-(

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    Drew Martyn 8 months ago

    Thanks Neville - sadly for those guys (and gals) I think you're right.

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