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Second Sun #103


He told them he would die with Kamkarra in his heart and however great his pain, his love for his warriors was greater still.
At this there had been a great cheer, and even the weeping of the children ceased.
At this moment he had bade the men fall out and hug their loved ones and their friends. And they did. And they fell into their Fists again immediately, and chanted his name as, laughing, he returned to their head.
"I go into battle with warriors," he shouted to them. "But greater than that, I go into battle with friends!"

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    Neville Hunt 8 months ago

    Sounds like a great leader. (Let’s hope he’s not a foolish one!)

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    Christopher 8 months ago


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    Drew Martyn 8 months ago

    Yes, inexperienced I guess, but maybe he's learnt a lot from Dad and Big Sis, who knows?

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