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Second Sun #100


As Triu and Jibrith made ready for the journey into conflict, a small argument took the minds of both men off the future. It went:
"Jibrith, you are too old for battle."
"And you, boy, are too young. Yet you go."
"I have proved myself. And as I age, I improve further. Your reflexes in battle shall decline as you age."
"I am not taking my reflexes, Triu, I am taking my experience."
Rallumi interrupted: "Tis well he accompanies you, Lord Triu."
A sigh. "Very well. Accompany me, Jibrith!"
"A wise decision, Lord Triu."
"Be silent, Jibrith."
"Yes, Lord Triu."

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    Christopher 8 months ago

    This is an amazing world you've created out of thin air, Drew. A rich tapestry of colorful characters and wonderful dialogue, not to mention the tensions of war and whatever else is facing Kamkarra. Well done.

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    Neville Hunt 8 months ago

    It is indeed rich in both characters and dialogue as Christopher says. I love the interplay between the characters, particularly Jibrith and Triu, but all the others too. (Hope Jibrith makes it, but I’m bit afeared for him 🙁

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    Drew Martyn 8 months ago

    Thank you guys, I really appreciate that. :)

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    Frenchie 7 months ago

    Me too. I hope Jibrith makes it. We don’t know how old he is though but younger men die in battle. He is wise and experienced, a kind of Gandalf or Dumbledore in Kambarra but without a wizard’s staff.

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    Drew Martyn 7 months ago

    Yes, I like Jibrith too. Thanks Frenchie

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