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Second Sun #99


Rallumi's words, her voice soft, low and clothing a song they all learned in childhood, filled the room with a strange and quiet tranquillity. And from outside, the song of the Selali bird sighed through the harmony of the room and everyone there breathed calmly, each giving freedom to a long exhalation of peace.
Acceptance had entered the chamber, acceptance of whatever would be.
Despite this, Triu had noticed that Urqin had not responded to the summons. So too had Jibrith.
Neither man spoke of it, though each wondered if the other was aware of it.
Thus did preparations begin.

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    Neville Hunt 22 days ago

    Love sentence 2.. ‘sighed through the harmony’ lovely use of language and concept.

    But Urqin’s being a bit of an arsehole though by the sound of it!

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    Drew Martyn 21 days ago

    Yes, Urqin's a right twat. Or it could be just his manner and he's been judged harshly.

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    Neville Hunt 20 days ago

    Maybe, but I prefer to think of him as a vile twat! 🤮

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    Drew Martyn 20 days ago


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