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Second Sun #98


Outside the confines of Triu's quarters, the Selali bird began its end of night song. Dawn soon would rise from the horizon.
Kamkarra was the only land where the Selali bird sang, for it was its only home. The Selali bird was not a bird; it was a lizard, tiny and easily missed, but it sang like a songthrush in the pre-dawn darkness and only ceased its melodies when the sun splintered the edge of the sky.
"Ah, sweet Selali," Rallumi sang to Triu,
"sweet songbird, sing for us of battles won,
Of daring deeds of an honoured son..."

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    Christopher 23 days ago

    I was trying to save my comments until the end since I had so many to catch up on, but I couldn't let it go by without applauding the "sun splintered the edge of the sky" line. Bravo!

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    Neville Hunt 22 days ago

    Ditto Christopher.

    It must be Selalifart!

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    Drew Martyn 21 days ago

    Thanks, both.
    I think Selalifart should now be the pre-dawn time, Neville, lol.

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    Neville Hunt 20 days ago

    Selalifart it is! 😁

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