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Second Sun #81


"Your message is?" As he spoke, one of the guards pushed a flaming torch into the newcomer's face, so close that the smoke make him cough. Others held their torches lower, alongside their swords, the better to illumine the strangers hands.
"My message is for Lord Hevne, guard," he spluttered. "You need not clap your torches to my face. I am known. My name is Fralli, son of Jerren Truthdreamer of the High Lands of Kamkarra."
The stranger's voice regained composure. And with it, authority:
"My mission is urgent, Hevne must hear me without delay. Lead me to her. Immediately."

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    Christopher 7 months ago

    Brave soul. I like the name Truthdreamer. It sounds like a Native American Indian name.

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    Frenchie 7 months ago

    I really hate it when guards do this. Shoving their lights in newcomers’ faces. So rude. Who do they think they are?
    Me too, I like the name of Truthdreamer.

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    Drew Martyn 7 months ago

    Thanks folks. I don't really know who she is yet, but time will tell I guess.

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