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Second Sun #57


Surrounding her warriors the attackers screamed and shrieked, their onslaughts becoming even more unrelenting. The occasional man still fell to the crack of stone on flesh, women or girls still fell injured from the glint of blade. And the strident, raucous yelling continued as women and children, clothed only in noise, filth and hatred continued to attack and retreat, attack and retreat, as if in some bestial, drug-frenzied tribal dance.
Her warriors continued suffering injury, more of the females fell weeping and writhing.
Continuing this, Hevne thought, their deaths, like their lives, will be slow and nothing but pain.

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    Neville Hunt 7 months ago

    I almost feel sorry for the creatures... almost!

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    Frenchie 4 months ago

    She has to make a decision. Fast. She is the Leader after all. She tried a kind of humane approach but maybe now is the time to toughen up ( yes, I changed my mind, what needs to be done has to be done, however unpleasant).

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    Drew Martyn 4 months ago

    She's a leader, she'll do whatever it takes :)

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