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Second Sun #37


"Our duty is to do our best for Kamkarra, what say you, Jibrith?"
Jibrith said nothing. The night was slowly fading at the horizon. The day would come, come what may.
Urqin had spoken truthfully. Of Duty. Of Death.
"Jibrith, we are the guardians of Kamkarra, you and I." Urqin's voice took on a more emphatic tone. "We cannot waste time staring at the night and wishing water was fire. We must act, before the invasion comes."
Jibrith shook his head, not because he disagreed but because there was no other choice.
And perhaps, after all, lives could be saved.

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    Neville Hunt 12 months ago

    Urqin May well have spoken the truth, but he’s still a slimy, revolting git!

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    Drew Martyn 12 months ago


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