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Second Sun #33


"I have been to the Fire Isles, Jibrith," Urqin whispered. Behind them the tide, stirred by gusting winds, pleaded hush, be hushed against the harbour wall, spraying its motion wet and salty on the cold stone.
"I have seen their warriors, Jibrith."
Somewhere in the town a baby cried, then was hushed.
Urqin pushed his mouth against Jibrith's ear, his breath hot and moist. In reflex, Jibrith pulled his head away but Urqin pulled him close again. This time, when his lips moved they were so close to Jibrith's own he could almost taste the words that dripped from them.

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    Christopher almost 1 year ago


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    Neville Hunt almost 1 year ago

    Oh pa-lease! I’ve just imagined getting too close to a globule of phlobb!

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    Drew Martyn 12 months ago

    A bit yucky!

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