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Second Sun #30


"What say you, Jibrith?"
Jibrith had no idea what the man had said. He was too intent on watching the ends of Urqin's greasy, greying hair slide along the shiny stains on the collar of his formal Advisor cloak. It was customary for an Advisor to wear a cloak only when on business but Urqin wore his unfailingly. He was proud of the cloak, very proud of his role as Advisor and infinitely proud of himself.
"I said," Urqin repeated with feigned patience "If Hevne does not return, who is left to lead us? A fourteen year old boy?"

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    Neville Hunt 13 days ago

    I’m feeling rather Urqed right now. Amazing use of language to induce revulsion! (That’s a good thing btw, it’s just that I’m barely controlling the urge to vomit right now at the thought of this character!) Great writing, Drew.

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    Drew Martyn 11 days ago

    Thanks very much :) he's utterly gross isn't he?!

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    Neville Hunt 11 days ago

    He sure is. Love it! :-)

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