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Second Sun #24


But when fire burns, it burns itself too. The sun drowned, the sky darkened, sails paled.
Stars jewelled the night. Hevne, still at the prow, sat back on her haunches and sighed.
Triu would doubtless be beside her had she bade him come, and she imagined him standing close, saw her hand reaching up and taking his hand.
But was this fear tainting her thoughts? Because she knew they needed his extra hand in battle? A hand strong, skilful, brave.
Oh how proud she would be to stand with him.
"Next time, little brother, you shall to war. Next time."

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    Neville Hunt 17 days ago

    Ah! Sibling love... sweet, even if it’s about war and killing etc...

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    Drew Martyn 16 days ago

    They are very close, I think. In their position, they've had to be I guess.

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    Neville Hunt 16 days ago

    Both for one and one for both. Or something like that. (must get here earlier!)

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    Christopher 13 days ago

    Sorry I missed this Drew. With you, Neville and myself all doing a series sometimes I don't scroll back enough to see that something's been posted.

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    Drew Martyn 13 days ago

    Lol I know that problem. No worries mate :)

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